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ice cream

Yesterday was a day of all days. I discovered, much to my chagrin, that I am most likely lactose intolerant. How did I learn this? I drank some hot chocolate and then the hot chocolate fought back. Now am I going to have to navigate a life in fear of milk? Milk is like a ninja! It stalks into everything.

I refuse.

I will eat cheese and I will eat frozen yogurt and I will decimate bowls of ice cream without care. This is the past of…well probably most resistance since my stomach is now saying, demanding, “um no Katie. I like almond milk. Vanilla flavor, please.”

Regardless, I photographed this ice cream yesterday. I think it looks better than half the ice cream ads I’m forced to look at in the frozen food aisle at ralphs during my emotional binges. Mint chip…get it.

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